Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get started using AtomQA?

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Where do I find the AtomQA application?

If you downloaded it using Chrome, the zip file should be in the 'Downloads' folder in 'My Documents'.

You need to open the zip file (double-click or use 7-Zip or similar) and copy the folder inside to wherever you need it.

The executable is inside the folder and is called 'atomqa.exe'.

How do I run the AtomQA application?

Just double-click on the 'atomqa.exe' file in the AtomQA application folder, or use the desktop shortcut.

How do I choose the test scripts I want to run?

Put the test scripts you want to run in the 'tests' folder of the AtomQA application folder.

Then run the AtomQA application by double-clicking on it.

Nothing happens when I run the AtomQA application

To find out why nothing is happening, you need to read the log file.

The log file is the file called 'log.txt' in the AtomQA application folder.

Log files are plain text files, you can read them using Notepad by double-clicking on them.

How do I edit my test scripts?

Test scripts are plain text files, you can edit them using Notepad and most other editors.

Whatever you use, you must save them as plain text files.

If you want to test for UTF-8 extended characters (titles, text on the page etc.), you need to save the files as UTF-8 encoded.

What do I call my test scripts?

You can call them anything you like, but:

If you save them as .txt files, they will be easier to open for editing by double-clicking.

They are executed in name sequence so you have more control if you incorporate a number into the name.

For example:

Where must I put my test scripts?

To run them you must put them in the 'tests' folder of the AtomQA application folder.

If you want to keep them, but not run them, move them somewhere else.

How do I view my test results?

When the test run has finished it will automatically display the test results.

All test results can be viewed at any time by double-clicking on the 'results.htm' file in the AtomQA application folder.

How do I contact AtomQA about licensing and pricing questions?

For questions about commercial licensing, pricing, products, support, consulting and training, please contact us.

Or call now on (+44) 7 709 217 187

How do I get technical support?

Commercial support from AtomQA's technical support team is available by purchasing a subscription here.

Or call now on (+44) 7 709 217 187

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