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AtomQA released 23-Oct-2015

  • Documented pings
  • Option for fully automatic updates for AtomQA
  • Option for fully automatic updates for Chrome Driver
  • Check AtomQA website for updates
  • Updated Selenium to 2.48.2

AtomQA released 12-Oct-2015

  • Ability to run using Portable Apps version of Chrome
  • Ability to locate tests anywhere
  • Ability to locate results anywhere
  • Segmented the log file
  • Updated the Chrome driver to 2.20.353145
  • Bug fix to the Chrome driver upgrade reporting
  • Updated Selenium to 2.48.1
  • Split readme to separate class
  • Record AtomQA version in Log file
  • Record AtomQA version in Config file
  • Record AtomQA version in Run-Results file
  • Change progress background according to worst outcome
  • Option to delete progress files at end of run
  • Option to zip results files at end of run

AtomQA released 05-Oct-2015

Added time taken to results reporting

AtomQA released 29-Sep-2015

Optional timeout added to wait states

AtomQA released 23-Sep-2015

Bug fix for smaller screens

AtomQA released 22-Sep-2015

Improved results reporting

AtomQA released 28-Aug-2015

Detect and report changes to browsers and drivers

AtomQA released 27-Aug-2015

First release, environment checks performed

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