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Startup Owner

At the owner of a startup you can see the potential benefits of automating your testing but don't want to spend your time and money exploring something that might not pay off.
  • AtomQA is free
  • No large up-front licensing fees
  • No pesky salesmen
  • No time wasted locating and downloading a huge install
  • No time wasted setting up license servers
  • No time wasted applying endless patches to get a fully working product

Test Manager

With traditional test automation tools, tracking progress can be hard.

Simple metrics such as number of test-steps produced can be difficult to extract.

Distributing and presenting the results of tests in an easily understood form can be difficult and slow.

QTP/UFT Test Automation Engineer

Demand for QTP/UFT peaked around 2010.

Companies find it difficult to justify paying large licensing and support costs when they could be using products that are cheaper or completely free.

Manual Tester

  • Experienced test automation enginners get paid more
  • Learning traditional test automation tools is hard
  • Manual testing is repetitive, tedious and boring
  • Getting and setting-up a traditional test automation enviroment is slow and difficult
With AtomQA:
  • Setting-up an automated test environment is quick and easy
  • Learning is quick and easy
  • You get productive fast
  • Demonstrating or distributing your progress is built-in


With traditional test automation, the application has to be delivered to testing before test development can be started, this means work on the next phase of development is often started before the results of testing are received.

Because AtomQA is fault tolerant, you can produce tests before the application has been developed, then by regularly running the tests you can view the progress as the various components are delivered


No special tools or expertise are required to view and understand the test results.

AtomQa test results are rendered as standard HTML web pages in a structured manner enabling them to be posted and viewed just about anywhere.

Simple navigation in the test results means that the root causes of faults can be easily discovered.

Tests can be run directly on a shared device (network drive, Dropbox etc.), enabling anyone with access to see results easily in real-time.

Productivity metrics like the number of test-steps produced are readily available.


Because AtomQA is so easy to use:
  • Hiring is easier
  • Hiring is cheaper
  • They don't need an IT degree
  • They don't need in-depth knowledge of QTP, Java, etc.
Get in a smart junior

The benefits to you:
  • You don't have to pay them as much
  • They get to develop with the company
  • The benefits to them are clear so they are easy to motivate
  • They become productive very quickly
The benefits to them:
  • Real-world experience of automated testing
  • Good career progression
  • No need to spend time learning complex languages

Typical pay rates for various roles can be found here: (UK)

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